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Viejo katia001 dijo: 22.10.11
hola, busco server low rates, sin donaciones ni gm shop ni cosas raras, freya o high five, porfavor!!

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Viejo matias66 dijo: 13.01.12
me pasa la pagina
Viejo L2Helheim.com dijo: 14.01.12

Quisiera invitarlos a un nuevo servidor Lineage 2 Freya. En esta nueva comunidad VOS! serás escuchado por el administrador y de hecho ya lo podrás hacer haciendo tu sugerencia acerca del DualBox, la decisión

se tomará en base a tus comentarios y los resultados de la encuesta!!

El mismo tiene las siguientes características:

Vanaheim [x7] - Retail Server

APERTURA: 21 de Enero de 2012 00:00hs GMT-3

Experiencia = x7
Skill Points = x7
Adena = x7
Exp Party = +25%
SP Party = +25%
Drop Items = x5
Raid Drop Items = x4
Spoil = x5
Manor System = x2
Extract Fish = x3

Quest Rates
Drop = x3
Experiencia = x2
Skill Points = x2
Adena = x2
Reward = x2
Scrolls = x1
Recipe = x1
Material = x2

Vitality system rates
Level 1 = +20%
Level 2 = +40%
Level 3 = +60%
Level 4 = +100%
Gain = x1
Lost = x1
Recovery Peace Zone = x1
Recovery On Reconnect = x4

Levels = 20 ~ 74
HP = x4
Reward = x5
Adena = x5
Drop Special = 33%
Frecuencia = 2%

Team vs Team
Diarios cada 4 horas
9:30, 13:30, 17:30, 21:30, 1:30 y 5:30 (GMT-3)
Special Reward al equipo ganador

Server Specs
2 x XEON DualCore 2,33GHZ
100MB Dedicados
Hosteado en Kansas City, EEUU


Web hosteada por separado
GM's Activos, seriedad y profesionalismo.
Soporte a los usuarios por foro, mail o In-Game

El objetivo de L2Helheim.com es:
"Dar un servicio de juegos online gratuito de calidad Premium, ofreciendo el mejor trato al usuario y brindándole la mejor experiencia de juego posible"

Web: http://l2helheim.com
Foro: http://l2helheim.com/foro
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/L2Helheimcom/195756617186174
Contacto: http://l2helheim.com/foro/showthread.php/20-%C2%BFComo-contactarme

De momento pueden disfrutar de un servidor interino PVP con rates x5000, pruebenlo!!

Los esperamos!!

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hola, busco server low rates, sin donaciones ni gm shop ni cosas raras, freya o high five, porfavor!!
L2Helheim.com es lo tuyo!!
Viejo vennet dijo: 20.10.12
Name: Lineage II Mind (Grand Opening : Today 18PM GMT+1)

Remember this! ---> NO DONATE!

Server Machine:
Quad-Core x64Bit 3.2ghz
2x 1,000 GB SATA HDD (7200 RPM)
2x 74 GB Western Digital Raptor HDD (10k RPM)
1gbit Dedicated Connection

Exp: x10
SP: x10
PartyExpSP: x1.5
Adena: x10
Spoil: x5
Quest: x2

Safe Enchant: +3
Enchant Rate: 66% (Retail Like)

100% Retail like
Dualbox is allowed (2 Clients + offline shops)
Cursed Weapons
20 + 4 Buff Slots (Divine Inspiration)
6 Debuff slots (Retail)
Level Gap (30 Levels)
No auto pickup
Weight limit x5
Subclass & Noblesse quest Retail Like

Custom Features:
- Offline Shop system [/offline_shop] (Free)
- Spawn protection (All locations)
- Mana drugs (10 mana/s) (30 sec effect) (45 sec ReuseDelay) (Can be buy in retail misc shops)
- L2Mind Shop (1st [50k] & 2nd (450k) class quest items)
- Dances & Songs duration effect 4 minutes
- Skills don't need spell books to learn it
- Griefbuff Protection (A toggle that blocks all buffs from other players)
- Added antispam SVR System (You must be above level 20 to use global/trade chat)

Viejo diabaths dijo: 07.12.12
Hello Guys!!!
I'm here to announce the Grand opening of L2Darkside PvP server
We had an open beta testing for more than one month to fix all bugs & problems specially class balance
and now we are ready for the grand opening, a one full worked Pvp Server
Give it a try, and join our server to experience a one Stable game play w/o lag and downtime and Unique features


website http://l2darkside.info

Some of our server features are listed below

Server Features:

-XP 500x
-Sp 500x
-Party Xp 3x
-Party Sp 3x
-Adena 1000x

-Auto Subclass - max 3
-Noblesse Status - 3rd part retail quest
-Auto learn skills
-Auto learn forgotten scroll skills
-Certificate Skills
-Buff slot 32 + 4
-Dance/Song 12
-AIO Character Buffer

-GM Shop (armor,weapon,etc)
-Misc Shop
-SA Manager (For adding special ability to weapon)
-Pc Bang Trader
-Delevel Manager
-Fame Manager
-Character Manager
-Clan Advertiser
-Top PvP/PK
-Raidboss Status
-Legion (Buffer)
-Gabriel (Scheme Buffer)

-Aerial Cleft (Party Zone)
-Primeval Island (Party Zone/Chaotic Zone)
-Chaotic South/North Zone
-Newbie Zone

-PvP without holding CTRL
-Pk without holdin CTRL
-karma players on death dont drop anything

-Glittering Medal
-Knight's Epaulette
-Vote Token (For Fame)
-Raidboss Jewel Token (gives a random jewels)

-Element Stones (Chaotic South/North)
-Element Crystals (Hellbound only)
-Element Jewels (Aerial cleft/Primeval Isle)

--- ENCHANT ---
-Safe Weapon Enchant = 5
-Safe Armor Enchant = 5
-Enchant Chance Weapon = 66%
-Enchant Chance Armor = 66%
-Enchant Chance Jewelry = 66%
-Blessed Enchant Chance Weapon = 80%
-Blessed Enchant Chance Armor = 80%
-Blessed Enchant Chance Jewelry = 80%
-Crystal Enchant Chance Weapon Warrior = 60%
-Crystal Enchant Chance Weapon Mage = 40%
-Crystal Enchant Chance Armor = 60%
-Crystal Enchant Chance Jewelry = 60%
-Enchant Chance Element Stone = 50%
-Enchant Chance Element Crystal = 30%
-Enchant Chance Element Jewel = 20%

We are running on a dedicated server Debian OS.

lets join all to make one big and great community !!!!!!
Viejo madocter dijo: 12.12.12
SI alguien quiere probar un server clasico

Lineage2c1.com [Lineage 2 c1 server , l2c1 server]

Es c1 tienes dos server 1 x5 y otro test x999
Viejo elementz dijo: 07.06.13
Dear Players

After two months of hard work and develop we are glad to announce that Grand Opening will be today at 21:00 GMT+2.

Lineage II Brutality

Status: Ready to Launch

L2Brutality Website www.l2brutality.com
L2Brutality Community www.l2brutality.com/forum
Follow us at Facebook---> https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Brutality
Find us at MIRC----> http://l2brutality.com/forum/index.php?topic=27.0

Are you ready? Join us and meet the real l2 world. Balanced environment without bugs or issues.

General Information

Server Files (l2OFF)


Exp : x7
Sp: x7
Party Exp: x1.5
Party Sp: x1.5
Adena Drop: x5
Consumables Drop: x5
Drop Items: x3(chance)
Raid Drop Items: x1(chance) adena x5
Spoil Drop: x5(ammount)
Quest Drop: x2
Quest Rewards: x2
SealStones: x5

Safe Enchant: +3 | Max Enchant: +16
Enchant rate for weapons 60%
Enchant Rate for Armors: 66%

Buffs slots and Duration

Buffs: 20+4 Divine Inspiration
Normal Buffs: 19 min
Dances & Songs: 2min
Cov, prophecies: 5 min
Cat, unicorn: 2 min
6 Debuff slots (Retail)

Other Features

Epic Quests
Retail Systems
Pretty good balance between classes
Bugless & Lagless gameplay
Fully working clan system, sieges
Retail gameplay without custom items
Useful starting equipment
Seven Signs Festival
Four Sepulchers
Dimension Rift
Wedding System
Fishing Tournament
Flood Protection
Karma Protection
Community Board
L2Walker Protection
Geodata & Pathnodes
Retail Olympiad System (Classed: 5 / Non-Classed: 9. From 6pm to 12pm GMT+2)
Nobless Retail Quest
Subclass Retail Quest
Class Upgrade Retail Quest
Olympiad Period: 1 Month
Grand Bosses Retail
Allowed Boxes per PC: 2

Server Machine

All servers are running on dedicated machines, located in Germany, here are the specifications
Intel Core i7 (4 x 2,66 GHz),
2000 GB (two 1000 GB hard disks), + 2x + SSD 80 GB (Intel)
UNLIMITED traffic-1000 Mbit/s port
Windows Server 2008R2 Standard Edition (64 bit)

Most Online Today: 2303. Most Online Ever: 2972 (June 02, 2013, 04:49:00 PM)

We are looking forward to see you in-game.

Best Regards
L2Brutality team
Viejo SexyWorld dijo: 14.09.13

Star Lineage II, un juego de la Comunidad Star Gamers donde trabajamos día a día por tu comodidad en nuestros servidores. Sistemas de donación interactivos, personal capacitado y disponible para atender a los usuarios. Regido bajo un servidor dedicado que te brindara mayor rapidez.

Web Star Lineage II
Descargar Parche
Descargar Cliente Full MEGA
Descargar Cliente Full uTorrent

★Web: http://L2.comunidadstar.net
★Versión: High Five
★XP: 50x
★SP: 50x
★Drop: 1x
★Party XP: 100x
★Party SP: 100x
★Adena: 500x
★Enchant: 80%
★Safe Enchant: 95%
★Safe Enchant: +5
★Max Enchant: +20
★Buffs Duration: 4h
★NPC Buffs
★Farm PK / PVP
★TVT Event
★TVT Reguard: 300 TVT Coins
★Farm Star Coins
★Farm EXP
★Online 24h
★Friendly Staff
★Full Event

Medios de pago para realizar una donación:

- Tarjetas Telefónicas Movilnet (Venezuela)
- Deposito Bancario (Venezuela, Perú, Chile y Argentina.)
- Paypal

Viejo diabaths dijo: 25.01.14

L2-Precious is running on Official Files, and fully reworked by our development team, with major fixes on some known bug/exploit issues.
The difficulty of the server is a little bit hard; the game-play is focused on both sides PvE and PvP.

Server Machine:

Processor Model: Intel Xeon L5640, 6-Cores
Clock Speed: 3.26 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.8 GHz
RAM Count: 3x 8GB DDR3-800
Hard Drives: 2x Intel X25-M 1 TB,Internal,10000 RPM
Internet Connection: 1 Gbps
DDoS Protection
LameGuard System (anti bot)

Retail Information:

Chronicle: C6 Interlude
Experience: 45x Adena: 200x
Enchant Rate 66% - 33% / dynamic rates
Enchant Max: Weapon +16 / Armor-Jewels +8
Safe Enchant: Weapon/Armor/Jewels +3
Wedding System
Rebirth System
Max. Level: 80
Auto Learn: All skills are auto learn
Augmentation System: 100% working
Cursed Weapon System: 100% working with boosted effects
No party exp level gap
Buff Slots: 20 + 4 buffing slots working properly
Debuff Slots: 10 debuffing slots working properly
+6 Enchanted set effects: 100% Working
Olympiad System: 100% Working with 2 weeks period
Siege 100% working with functional /siegestatus command
Economy is based with Adena(Gold bar),Acient Adena(Ancient Pure Adena),Seal Stones, Event Coins, Vote Coins
Free Subclass
Class Balanced
NO custom armors or weapons
No item based or OP donations (balance for donors and none-donor purpose)
Offline shop system
S grade Weapon / Armor / materials craft system


Custom Vote System With reward
Character aio buffer with enchanced songs and dances
Custom npc buffer and schemed buff (up to level 76)
Gm-Shop: Armor/Weapon From D to A grade only
Custom Noblesse Quest (More info on our Wiki)
Custom Auto Events: CTF,TVT,DM,TW,RAID(raidboss event) and 2vs2 Arena Manager
Custom voicedcommands: .time .online .expon .expoff /pvpsystem .away
Custom (modified) Zones: EF, IT, MOS, COT
Custom Mini bosses
Custom Tattoos
Masterio PvP System
Dungeon Zone with custom Raid bosses (Chaotic Zone)

Viejo diabaths dijo: 01.04.14
Server Features

#RateXp : 4000.00
#RateSp : 4000.00
#RatePartyXp : 2.00
#RatePartySp : 2.00
#RateDropAdena : 5000.00

~Basic Features~
#start 1 lvl
#Starting Adena 500kk
#Free Subclass
#6 Subclass for every char
#caradine Letter in Shop(for nobless)
#Offline Trader (/offline_shop)
#Gm Shop Up to S grade items(all for adena)
#Auto Learn: All skills are auto learn
#Augmentation System: 100% working
#Cursed Weapon System: 100% working with boosted effects
#No party exp level gap
#Buff Slots: 36 slots working properly
#Debuff Slots: 6 debuffing slots working properly
#Siege 100% working with functional /siegestatus command

#True Gold
#Pure Silver
#Beleth's Silver Dragon
#Beleth's Gold Dragon
#abyssal Coin
#Star Diamond
#Star Of Destiny
#Event Medal
#Event Glittering Medal

~Enchant Rates~
#Safe Enchant +6
#Max Enchant: +20
~ Enchant Rate for Weapons ~
#Normal Scrolls: 75% from +7 to +9 , 66% from +10 to +13, 60% from +14 to +15, 50% to +16, 20% from +17 to +20
#Bless Scroll: 90% from +7 to +9, 75% from +10 to +15, 66% from +15 to +16, 35% from +17 to +20
#Crystal Scroll : 20% for +6 to +20, If the weapon will broke they dont lose the enchant value

~ Enchant Rate for Armor & jw ~
#Normal Scrolls: 75% from +7 to +9 , 66% from +10 to +13, 60% from +14 to +15, 50% to +16, 20% from +17 to +20
#Bless Scroll: 90% from +7 to +9, 75% from +10 to +15, 66% from +15 to +16, 35% from +17 to +20
#Crystal Scroll : 20% for +6 to +20, If the weapon will broke they dont lose the enchant value

~ Events ~
#Auto TvT Event
#Auto CTF Event
#Auto DM Event
#Auto TownWar Event.
#Auto Raid Boss Event.
#Auto 2 vs 2 Event.
#Auto Last Man Standing

~Special Events~
#Four Sepulcher Mission 1
25 pvp to join
3 party member
you can join every 8 hours
20 min to finish the mission(drop unique weapons+top Farm items)
#Four Sepulcher Mission 2
100 pvp to join
6party member
you can join every 20 hours
25 min to finish the mission(drop Dynasty weapons+top Farm items)
#Four Sepulcher Mission 3
150 pvp to join
9 party member
you can join every 30 hours
30 min to finish the mission(drop Abyssal weapons+top Farm items)

~ Olympiad: ~
#The Olympiad Starts every day at 18:00 and ends at 24:00(GMT +2) o'clock Server Time.
#Olympiad Cycle : 2 Week ( Heroes Every Week ).
#Restrictions : You can enter in Olympiad only with A Grade Equipment!!!
#After Each Olympiad Game your skills are Fully Recharged and Ready for the Next Game.

#Execution Ground(leveling)
#Ketra Orc Outpost(adena)
#Varka Silenos Outpost(adena)
#Cave of Trial(Farm Area)
#Forbidden Gate Away (Farm Area)
#Dungeon with 4 RaidBoss(Clan Items+ rep points)

#valakas(Drop Valakas Fiery + Top Farm Items + ls-bless) Respawn time 36 +- 2Hours
#antharas(Drop Antharas Tremor + Top Farm Items + ls-bless) Respawn time 36 +- 2Hours
#Baium(Drop Baium Anger + Top Farm Items + ls-bless) Respawn time 36 +- 2Hours
#Zaken(Drop Zaken Dementia + Top Farm Items + ls-bless) Respawn time 36 +- 2Hours
#Frintezza(Drop Halisha Phylactery Top Farm Items + ls-bless) Respawn time 36 +- 2Hours
#Queen Ant(Random Jw +Top Farm Items + ls-bless) Respawn time 36 +- 2Hours
#Primeval Raib Respawn time 5 +- 1Hours
#Verfa Respawn time 5 +- 1Hours
#Roaring Skylancer Respawn time 4 +- 1Hours
#Fierce Tiger King Angel Respawn time 4 +- 1Hours
#Fafurions Herald Lokness Respawn time 4 +- 1Hours
#High Pristess Van Halter Respawn time 4 +- 1Hours

~ Custom Items: ~
#Most Weapons [Especially the Uniques (newbie weapons)] have chance to damage the target with a skill On Critical Hit (Slow , Hex , Silence ,Stun , etc).
#Some Weapons/Armors give a unique custom skill when equip them.
#Added 5 new Custom Raid Boss Jewelrys ( Relics ).
#Custom Tattoos: Dye Tattoos and Nightmarish Tattoo(Relic).
#Customized many hair Retail accessories that give a variety of Bonuses.
#Custom Armors: 1st Gear: Titanium and Dread , 2nd Gear: Dynasty , 3rd Gear: Abyssal, 4rd Gear: Epic Rykros.(abyssal and rykros set have active skill)
#Custom Weapons: 1st Gear: Uniques , 2nd Gear: Dynasty, 3rd Gear: abyssal , 4th Gear: Evil Relic and Legendary(active skill)
#Dread / Titanium Armors give Extra Bonus Stats when you enchant all the armor set parts to +6.
#Dynasty armor give Extra Bonus Stats when you enchant all the armor set parts to +6.
#Increased bonus of P.Atk./M.Atk. for every enchant on weapons.(Every Enchant make the Difference).

~ Commands ~
#/siegestatus(only for clan leader)
#/pvpstatus(target self or the enemy)
#Shift + Click on mobs to see the droplist

website http://l2chaoticzone.eu

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