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website: http://www.l2giganten.eu/
forum: http://www.l2giganten.eu/forum

OPEN DATE: 03.01.2015

Server Rates:
Xp : x75
Sp : x75
Drop : x30
Spoil : x30
Adena : x50
SealStones drop : x1.5
Manor drop : x1
RaidBoss : x25
GrandBoss : x2
Party : x1.5
ZeroHour drop : x10
ZeroHour reward : x2
BeastFarm reward : x5

Enchant Rates:
Enchant Max: +16
Enchant Safe: +3
Simple Enchant Rates: 63%
Blessed Enchant Rates: 75%

Epic Boss Information:
Antharas 72+2 Hours
Valakas 192+6 Hours
Baium 48+2 Hours
Zaken 40+1 Hours
Ant Queen 24+1 Hours
Orfen 24+1 Hours
Core 33+1 Hours
Frintezza 48+2 Hours
Barakiel 6+1 Hours
Simple Raid Boss 12+6 Hours

More Information:
GM SHOP: B-grade
NPC Buffer, sheme(no rezist)
Buff time 2 hours
24+4 Buffslots available
Max. level is 80 100%
Fully working Interlude Clan System (everything works (100%), including clan skills
No Clan Penalties
All clan halls working
All RB's and Grand Bosses are retail and fully working
Working Interlude Backstab, Gladiator Skills, Cancel and more
Augmentation fully working
Interlude Battle Symbol skills fully working
Class changer 1/2/3rd
First class : Player gets 2kk Adena
Second class : Player gets 5kk Adena
Third class : Player gets 1 GC book's
Subclasses are free.
Noblesse with Caradine letter lvl 65 in shop and vote shop
Olympiad fully working
Olympiad IP restriction (1 char per IP)
Olympiad time from 18:00-00:00 GMT+3
Hero every week
Hero System and hero skills
Sieges 100% works
Giran shopping zone
Offline Shop
Events: Death Match/ Last Man Standing/ TVT/ CTF/ Master of Enchant and more others events
No custom items
Server command : .menu
(experience,trade,pm and more)
Personal and International vote sytem
Personal account system
Personal donate system (sms) and PayPal

2x Intel Xeon E5630 8 c / 16 t
2.53 GHz+
2x 2 TB SATA
Internet 1 Gbps

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