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Client: High Five: Part 5
EXP/SP: x15/x15
Adena: x20
Seal Stones: amount х5
Adena & Seal Stones Drop Chance: 100%
Drop: x5
Spoil: x10
Quest Drops: x5
Quest Rewards: XP х2, Adena х4 (more info on this soon)
Raid Boss Drop: chance х2, amount х1, Adena х14
Epic Boss Drop: chance х1, amount х1, Adena х14
Knight’s Epaulettes: x7
Manor: x7
Fishing: x7

Enchanting & Attributes
Safe Enchant: +3
Maximum Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll Chance: 60%
Blessed Scroll Chance: 65%
Elemental Stone Chance: 50%
Elemental Crystal Chance: 40%

1st Class Transfer: 80k Adena
2nd Class Transfer: 750k Adena
3rd Class Transfer: 20kk Adena
Subclass Attainability: Quest
Subclass Maximum Level: 85
Buff Slots: 24+4/12
Buff Duration: Dances/Songs/Buffs 2h (third class buffs 2h) Pet buffs 2h
Olympiad: retail-like
Sieges: Weekly (Saturday’s/Friday)
Territory Wars: Weekly (Saturday’s)

GMShop Up to Basic S-Grade
Global Gatekeeper
NPC buffer (all buffs – except Kamael ones)
Auto-learn Skills Until lvl 76
Many automatic events (TvT, CTF, Last Man Standing & Raid Event)
All instances working
Cursed weapons will be disabled during the first 2 weeks after the launch
Max of 3 clients allowed (dualboxing)

Custom Features
Double XP/SP weekends
Level-Up Reward System: Levels: 20, 40, 61, 76, 85
Improved Community Board
Retail-like Auction House
In-game Database (search for monsters & items – view drops/spoils/location & teleport to monster)
Improved Clan Listings
Improved Raid Boss Listings (view drops/location & teleport to boss)


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