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Hello everyone. Lets start by saying that this project was started by guys who are tired of playing fail gold copies, so we decided to make our own Gold server.
This is NOT another java server played via Interlude client downgraded to C4, we are using C4 official files and of course C4 client. We are hoping you will like what
we did with this server.

Launch date: 20th September 20:00 GMT+2
Server website: www.l2-gold.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lineage2gold
Server platform: L2OFF


- EXP/SP/Adena : x45
- Min. Enchant : +3
- Max. Enchant : +21 for Weapons, +8 for armors/jewels
- Normal and Blessed enchant scrolls share the same enchant rate - decreases with each enchant.

Important information:

- Chaotic zones around Epics and several Raid Bosses
- Chaotic zone around farm zone with boosted drops
- Special raid boss summoner
- S grade SA exchanger
- Apella armor and other stuff will be obtainable via Event Medals
- Majority of the skills are reworked for increased balance

Aditional information

- Class changer located in Aden(all 3 occupations, no quest needed)
- Auto pickup (normal drop from raid bosses)
- Rebirth system
- Special Noblesse system(You will need to perform 3 rebirths and obtain 4 crowns in order to become noblesse)
- Subclass (All npcs you need are in Aden and you can buy Star of Destiny and Pure Silver in Misc shop)
- Low level Protectors
- Boosted Buffer classes
- C/B/A grade SA obtainable from Mantra Manager
- Craftable S grade SA
- Siegeable Castles and Clan Halls
- L2Gold Weapons
- Bandit Stronghold special shop


- Apella stats nerfed
- Core now provides +50 on P.Def.
- Orfen now provides +75 on M.Def.


- AIO buff system
- NPC buffer (Support buffs not included)
- Buff slots: 24 slots
- Buff time: 1 hour
- Support buffs like cov/pof/cat/siren now last 5 min instead of 2


- Non class based
- Weekly Heroes
- 1 period daily, lasts 2 hours
- A grade gear only with enchant limitations


- High rate event (Automatic)
- FFA Death match (Automatic)
- Simon says
- Hide&Seek
- Raid Boss
- PvP event variations
- Other

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