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Viejo seBENTA dijo: 30.12.08
somos seBENTA, banda de rock de Portugal


Gracias !!

ps. ( i am very sorry, but i don´t know how to write in spanish, and , if i write in portuguese, maybe you will not understand too, to speak , is one thing, to write is another, so, i will write in english, it´s universal language, i hope you´ll understand )

I am Carlos, one of the band´s guitarists, i just want to show our band to you, people, and hope that you like our music.
Feel free to post your comments about us, i´ll be around to answer all of you

Thank you very much. Again, sorry, but i only speak/write " portuñol " eh! eh! eh!

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Viejo dvdrgn dijo: 30.12.08
¡Bem vindos! Nos movemos a la sección Músicos, también conocida como "el reducto del autobombo" (?).

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