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Viejo XLUCIANAX dijo: 04.09.12
You don´t wanna know! LOL

Where did you learn English?

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Viejo Lullaby dijo: 04.09.12
I'm still learning it. I'm in 6th of an institute.

Do you know any other language ?

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Viejo XLUCIANAX dijo: 04.09.12
I know many LANGUAGES. I´m billingual (English/spanish) but I also know French and Italian.

Do you find it abnoxious to study English in an Institue?
Viejo Lullaby dijo: 04.09.12
If you mean obnoxious, I don't. I find it really easy and interesting.

Have you been to France or Italy ?
Viejo aasdqwe12 dijo: 04.09.12
Nope, but would like to. My dad just went to Italy...

Have you ever dated someone from another country?
Viejo Lullaby dijo: 04.09.12
No, but it's not a bad idea (?)

And you ?
Viejo nemesis1986 dijo: 04.09.12
No, never. But I'd love to!
Do You know where you'll go for your holidays?
Viejo Lullaby dijo: 04.09.12
I don't know but I hope to visit the patagonia. I miss going there.

Are you on a relationship ?
Viejo XLUCIANAX dijo: 05.09.12
NO...Im getting a divorce right now...

Are you in one¡?
Viejo aasdqwe12 dijo: 06.09.12

And you?

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