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Viejo El fisgón morbosón dijo: 02.09.12
thaks u_u

why you never had sex?

(está bien así?)

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Viejo XLUCIANAX dijo: 02.09.12
Emmm I think we just lost track of the game...Im no MOD but let´s continue.

Why you never had sex???

I´m not a virgin! I have sex....

Are you handsome?
Viejo NooDs dijo: 03.09.12
Of course, I'm the epiphany of masculine beauty.

What do you do on weekends?
Viejo XLUCIANAX dijo: 03.09.12
On saturdays , I work a couple of hours and watch movies with my kids.
On sundays, I usuallu do "nothing", but I like friends to come home and hace mate and talk...

What do you do on weekends yourself?
Viejo Lullaby dijo: 03.09.12
I party all day and all night (?)
I usually go clubbing or visit different places with my friends.
I sleep *-*

Have you ever traveled out of the country ?
Viejo XLUCIANAX dijo: 03.09.12
Many many times.
Three or four states in the United states, I have lived in diferent cities in New york, New Jersey, Georgia and Florida.
Then I visited South Africa on my 15th b-day.
And I went to some countries in south america like Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil

Have you ever lived out of the country?
A Lullaby le gusta esto.
Viejo Lullaby dijo: 03.09.12
No, I haven't

Do you like USA ?
Viejo XLUCIANAX dijo: 04.09.12
Not that much... I love certain places, I have friends there...
But I did not like the way I had to handle my family. I was always working, no time for my kids, everything is money... So I came back.

Which country would you like to visit the most?
Viejo Lullaby dijo: 04.09.12
I don't know, maybe Australia or London. I have a long list.

And you ?
Viejo Curt Wild dijo: 04.09.12
¡I'd love to travel to London too!
I also wanna travel to Japan and Italy; so many different cultures out there

¿What's been going on in your life lately?

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