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Shay Laren - Aziani Video 1
Shay Laren is wildly popular these days. And while it's not secret that two big reasons for that are her marvellous, all-natural big breasts, there is much more to Shay than that. Kroy spends some time getting to know Shay Laren today (and of course coaxes as many glimpses at all her secret parts throughout) and you'll be surprised how much personality, joy, and energy Shay Laren brings to the table. Ladies and gents, here is Shay Laren upclose and very, very personal.

WMV 960x540 | 261Mb | 9 minutes, 42 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 2
The beautiful, all natural Shay Laren treats us to some sensual fun today. Watching Shay move and slowly strip to reveal her curves is a feast for the eyes. The stage is set, Miss Laren we are ready when you are.

WMV 960x540 | 174Mb | 5 minutes, 42 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 3
It's not always easy getting the girls to wear pantyhose in hot California. But thanks to some sneaky work on the thermostat the air conditioning blasted out enough cold air to convince super babe Shay Laren to encase her marvellous long legs in a pair of silky nylons. Oh the lengths we go to bring you the world's most beautiful women in pantyhose. But Shay Laren is really, really worth the trouble. See for yourself...

WMV 960x540 | 184Mb | 6 minutes, 00 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 4
What was supposed to be a Behind-the-Scenes with Shay Laren type shoot turns into something a lot more sensual when Shay discovers a hammock on set. We just let Shay do what she wants to do... and we have a feeling you won't mind.

WMV 960x540 | 200Mb | 6 minutes, 31 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 5
Shay Laren likes to dance and shake her perfect curves to the rhythm of the music. What Shay likes even better though is stripping out of her sexy skimpy outfit while grooving under the California sun. And you already know we don't deny nothing to our girls...

WMV 960x540 | 169Mb | 5 minutes, 30 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 6
Definitely one of the hottest all natural busty babes you will find, the always alluring Shay Laren brings her special touch of sexy to this outside striptease video. With her hair blowing back in the breeze and fantastic body wiggling seductively, Shay shakes it and shows her tan-lines. Sensual stuff!

WMV 1280x720 | 420Mb | 5 minutes, 51 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 7

WMV 1280x720 | 324Mb | 4 minutes, 30 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 8

WMV 1280x720 | 356Mb | 4 minutes, 56 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 9

WMV 1280x720 | 293Mb | 4 minutes, 04 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 10

WMV 1280x720 | 355Mb | 4 minutes, 56 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 11
Come join the sexy Shay Laren in her holiday naughtiness. Her sexy striptease is one of a kind. She flirts, dances and smiles at you while she takes off her clothes. Enjoy her beautiful body and hotness.

MP4 1280x720 | 123Mb | 5 minutes, 27 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 12
If you are in the mood for a sexy babe stripping for you, you are in the right place. The darling Shay Laren has all the right stuff and doesn't mind sharing it all with you. Sit back and enjoy the show. She won't disappoint.

MP4 1280x720 | 129Mb | 5 minutes, 45 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video 13
Shay Laren's boobs are AMAZING!! All of this babe is a gorgeous view, but those tits are especially hypnotic in this video. Shay definitely has one of the juiciest pair of natural boobies you will see and best of all, she loves to show them! Watch as she pops those puppies out and gives them a great jiggle. Breast fans will not want to miss out on this show!

MP4 1280x720 | 109Mb | 4 minutes, 51 seconds

Shay Laren - Aziani Video Bts1
Come join the gorgeous Shay Laren as we capture some behind the scenes shooting. She is fun, sweet and sexy too! You'll see!

MP4 1280x720 | 251Mb | 11 minutes, 07 seconds

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Shay Laren Has a Few Cocktails
Come join in the fun!! Come meet the real sweet and sexy Shay Laren as she flashes her amazing bod and big natural boobies all over the downtown area. She started off with a spicy bloody mary and ended up doing a few shots. She seemed to get crazier and naughtier as the day went. And yes she did have a few people catch her in the act...which she didn't mind.

WMV 1280x720 | 252Mb | 8 minutes, 02 seconds

Shay Laren Goes to the Hardware Store
Shay Laren flashes her sweet pink pussy getting out of the car at the hardware store. She has decided to take Buzz and Rachel along as she buys the parts to make a professional beer bong. Walking down the aisles, Shay lifts her skirt to expose her ass and enlists the help of staff and shoppers in getting the appropriate equipment. She sneakily flashes her big boobs while trying to avoid getting caught. It's a great day at the hardware store!

FLV 576x324 | 119Mb | 13 minutes, 07 seconds

Shay Laren Does a Naked Beer Bong
It's Beer Bong 101 with your sexy instructor Shay Laren! Can you pay attention in class when the teacher is as hot as this AND flashing her big natural boobs and pink pussy in a moving car? There is no better way to find out than to watch the video and see! Shay demonstrates her sucking and blowing abilities in a public parking lot with her dress up and no panties on. You are about to get so hot for teacher!

WMV 1280x720 | 338Mb | 10 minutes, 46 seconds

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